Whatsapp Banned In China 2019 You Must Know

Whatsapp Banned In China Due To Illegal Information Leaks:

The former and most popular “Whatsapp banned in china due to some of the privacy violation.

The chinese firewall rules revealed some of the suspecious leaks by the whatsapp.

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Whatsapp is Banned in china Officially

As we all knows the whatsapp is a game changer mesanging app which is a best and first option to interact with friends.

Hence we always forgot to recall the privacy during sharing our private texts, pictures and videos.

Other Platforms are also Banned in China like Whatsapp banned in china

While Big U.S. companies have been shut out of China’s market for years, including Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, and Google.

Some people access these services through virtual private networks, or with tools that disguise internet traffic to circumvent censorship. But the Chinese government has been cracking down on VPNs this year.

Whatsapp users on international SIM cards and data plans have not experienced the same problems. The restrictions appear to specifically target China-based users. China’s internet regulator did not respond to a request for comment.

Whatsapp’s difficulties cast a shadow over Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s longtime efforts to make Facebook services available in China.

As we all know china is a fast growing country in technology hence the internet privacy rules are going to be strict in Cyber Rules than past years.

The hackers and spires are watching all your activity. Its easier to track you and your internet footprints by several tools and tricks.

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The Chinese government call-out comes as China increases internet scrutiny ahead of its Oct. 18 Communist Party congress, which happens once in every five years.

Now China  started non-tolrable policies to whatsapp. which had previously been  only   a few messaging services permitted to function without government interference .

Then its a straitegy of china that “Whatsapp is banned in china”.

Hence, it’s a big shock for Facebook – Whatsapp is banned in china . As Facebook is a big and trusted social platform hope they will fix the privacy leak infrigment soon.

Whatsapp is Banned In China But Successor is We Chat:

The alternative to Whatsapp already available in china that is “We-Chat“. Owned by a chinese company “Tencent”.

Which was very popular among chinese peoples from past years before  whatsapp launched.

We-chat mobile application software developed by Tencent. which consists of Instant messaging client like Whatsapp.

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