How to increase jio Internet speed using VPN?

How to increase jio internet speed?

Jio is about becoming India’s Number 1 telecom company. Because jio is providing cutting-edge cheaper and amazing recharge offers.

how to increase Jio Internet Speed
how to increase Jio Internet Speed

Till now jio is most appreciated for its services. there are 60%+ peoples are using Jio . First of all lets know some strategy. Behind high speed growing Internet in India, every 7 out of 10 peoples are using 4g smartphones.

But soon it may get replaced by 5G smartphone users. The Smartphone technologies are growing and evolving with respect to the demand of fast internet requirements.

In india all changes in internet world happened due to start up of jio Internet service with cheapest 4G plans. As jio has promised everyone to provide low budget Internet plans.

Let’s think what  will happen in our India when there is no any telecom company like Jio.   you can’t afford such costly 4G Internet plans.

You can think or imagine how Airtel has sold old 2G  Internet plans of up to 1000 rupees of course Airtel is a funny and worst company of india. No one trust on airtel they are most greedy telecom company .  By the way Let’s move to our topic.

Why jio have post data very slower than daily fast 4g Quota ?

Jio is now restricted to give bare free trial offer as done in starting. Since everyone starts loving Jio the first indian [Make In India] branded internet service provider.

Jio can only launch offers which is legal by TRAI [Telecom Regulatory Authority of India] so there is an optimization in offers.

This causes the changes and diffrent types of offer driven by Jio. Currently Summer surprise offer got terminated by TRAI.

You can guess how strict rules in India so jio have some sensored and optimised data offeer to meet requirements and qualification to launch. So jio have  high speed daily data Quota. What to do after high-speed 4G Data?

Here in this situation you cant boost your data to 4g actually you can boost your data if you are getting high traffic speed ie . 1-10Kb/s. this is dark truth of Jio even you cant be able use your Internet sometimes like your Internet is blocked by Jio authorities.

But don’t worry here is a working trick you can get speed upto 20Kb/s Just you need some patience.  How to get 10 to 20+ kb/s Speed in jio?  Here is trick defined as step by step.

First of all you need a vpn app.

What is a VPN Applicating ? How it will increase Jio Internet Speed ?

VPN Stand for Virtual Private network that means you can change your server and ip address to get annonymous.

The VPNs are widely used for hiding yourself from Mobile Network companies. Because You are using their server . So they can easily track your activities.

They also know how much Data you have exhausted during a session. By using a Good VPN application you can easily hide yourself as well as your activities from a company like JIO.

VPN is used to create Virtual Private Network by which you can also access  blocked websites without any restrictions.

This will not give you too much speed like a rocket. You can boost your network so that you can unblock speed and work properly.

 Follow the steps to connect VPN on Jio

free Download Super VPN apk latest version 2020
Super VPN Download
Super VPN Download
Super VPN Download
  • Download Super VPN app .
  • Enable your Internet connection and press flight mode then again turn off flight mode.
  • Make sure your  Internet connection should be On.
  • Select desired server in snap VPN.
  • I will prefer Use Indian Server it’s really good to Drive at Constant Speed.
  • And enjoy constant speed boosted by Super VPN.

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