How to Hack and Bypass Digital Electricity Meters Easily?

Hack Digital Electric Meter Myth vs Reality?

Hello, Here I will explain how you can easily Hack  Digital Electric Meter in India.  In this article, we will know all about digital meters and how we can actually hack them.

This article will be very informative and full of Information about hacking Digital Electric Meters. Here I assume you have some basic and mid-level Understanding of Electricity as well as electrical Wiring.

So, My first tip is that you have to scroll through the whole article to get your answers by learning more and more about Digital Meters.

You will also realize to know all about “How to Hack Digital Electric Meter in India Easily?”. But wait I am not going to really teach you  t0 Hack Electric Meters.

This is an illegal activity and you may be jailed and charged a huge amount of penalties by the Indian Government.

How to Hack Digital Electric Meter Easily, Bypass Digital Electric Meter Easily
How to Hack Digital Electric Meter Easily, Bypass Digital Electric Meter Easily

So here is Caution for You:

Note that this blog post is written to make peoples aware of Electricity theft and its loss to the Government. i do not really encourage peoples to theft electricity. So Every information provided here for the intent of educating peoples about Digital Electricity Meters and I am not responsible for any damage/tear as well as malpractices about to theft Electricity Meters. its all on your own risk is not responsible for illigal activities done by you.

Is Hacking of Digital Electrical Meters Really Possible?

Yes, it really exists to hack electrical digital meters. Some peoples in India really hacks Digital Meters. They are very wise and well-educated/practical and well-known electrical mechanics.

To be honest most of the electrical thieving was done in the rural parts of India. The thieving of electricity was done on different levels.

Some people used to trick Digital Electric Meters, as well as some of them, get an illegal connection from the Distribution point/pole.

These are all done with the involvement/weakness of the Local electricity department authorities.

According to the latest data on electricity theft in India, it is reported that 20% of electrical power is wasted in rural and other parts of India.

Most probably peoples don’t have electrical meters installed in rural parts of India. So there are possible chances of overconsumption of electricity that is also illegal and called as electricity theft.

Another most common Electricity theft in India is reported due to open line connections.

So most of the uneducated, as well as poor peoples, used to drive electricity to their home through a temporary connection from the distribution point.

What is a Digital Electric Meter?

A digital electric Meter is an electronic device that operates on Ac Current to measure the flow and consumption of Electricity .
Digital Electric Meter is an initial device that is attached to the initial point of the electrical circuit.

The electric Digital Meter is capable of Measuring Current flow and consumption as well as storing data inside. The electric Digital meter measures the electrical consumption in kWh (KiloWatt Hour).

Simply it measures the consumption as the electricity consumed per Hour. The consumed electricity is calculated as the total Wattage consumed in 60 minutes.

Electricity Consumption(KWh)= Total wattage consumed /Hour

How Digital Electric Meter Works?

Let’s Understand How Digital Electric Meter Works?  As we have understood how a digital electric Meter works we must know how actually it works.

Modern Digital electric meters are very efficient and they are able to sense a single pulse of electric consumption. But you have Questioned about How it sense consumption?

The answer is simply How Your smartphone senses your Fingerprint. Of course, there is a dedicated sensor attached inside which provides the electricity consumption information to the main chipset of the Electric Digital Meter.

This sensor used to sense the flow of static currents through the wires and calculates the electricity Load and consumption.

What is Digital electric Meter Tampering?

Lets us know the answer to the Question what is Digital Electric Meter Tampering

Digital meter tampering is defined as the activities performed by any person on the electric meter which is either intended to perform some activities legal or illegal to modify disturb the workflow of the installed meter.

Actually in other words Electric meter tampering is considered as disturbing an electrical meter without the agreement of any electrical authorities.

Simply the Electrical Meter tempering points to the fact of modifying and disturbing an electric meter intentionally or unintentionally.

In most cases, peoples are curious to Hack Digital Electric Meters, So Generally they bypass the meter’s connection to the mains and uses bypassed Electricity Directly.

So the modern Digital Electric Meter comes with Advanced Sensors and Mechanisms to detect the Different Levels of Electric Meter Tempering.

There are certain rules to punish peoples who intentionally does Digital Electric Meter Tempering. They may be accused of Electric Thieving. Thus Electric Meter tampering is an illegal activity.

There are two Main Types of Digital Electric Meter Tampering-

  • Electrical Tempring– Electrical Tempering is the case of Digital Electrical Meter Tempering in which Electrical Connections were Damaged/Modified Intentionally or unintentionally. eg. Modifying Electrical Connection Poles, Modifying/ Cutting Neutral Wire, Disturbing Digital Meter With Magnets, etc.
  • Other Tempering – Other Kind of Digital Electric Meter Tempring Includes all the Visible forcefully Damage/Modification to the digital meter. eg. Breaking Digital Electric Meter’s Case, Damaging Sensors, Damaging Meter Tempring Lock.

Methods of Digital Electric Meter Tampering

There are two methods of Digital Electric Meter Tempering Based on the intention and the damage to the Digital Electric Meter:

  1. Legal Tempering: Legal Electric  Digital Meter tempering refers to the modification done in the Digital Meter with the agreement of the  Authorities. The Legal Digital Electric meter Tempering is only allowed by the authorities who are employed by the Electricity Distribution Company
  2. Illegal Tempering: Illegal Electric Digital Meter Tempering Refers to the Mode of tempering which was intentionally done by the user’s side to damage or disturb the functionalities of the digital meter.

How to cheat and Hack Digital electric meter?

There are many ways to hack and bypass Digital electric meters. But, Most of the ways are not legal and reliable.

The Simplest Method to hack Digital Electrical Meter is to Bypass the Supply Line. This means that you have to Bypass the Phase and Neutral wire Directly to the Supply line.

So there is no Reading of Load in the Digital Electric Meter while Your Digital Electrical Meter is Still On.

The other Method to Hack/Bypass Digital Electrical Meters is to Make them run slower. The Slower digital Electrical Meter is unable to Read the Exact consumption in the Supply Load.

These are all-time most famous ideas to hack/Bypass Digital Electrical Meters.

How to Make Digital Electric Meter Run Slower?

There are many methods from which a Digital Electric Meter can be slowed down. The slowness of the Digital Electric meter means that the meter doesn’t measure the exact load value.

Slowing down of a Digital Electric Meter can be achieved by affecting the working of Digital Electric Meter from Outside without tempering.

The Digital Electric meter is very smartly designed to detect a different kinds of tempering. So it becomes very challenging to make digital electric meters slow.

Old digital Electric meters were directly stopped by applying some strong beam of Magnetic field to create unusual noise of interference to the main chipset of the Digital Electric Meters.

Modern Digital electric meters have the capability to detect the Strong Magnetic Waves as well as it is designed to protect the main chipset from external Magnetic Waves.

So the slowing Down of the Digital Electric Meter is nearly Impossible.

How to Slow Down the Digital Electric Meter with the Magnet?

This is the most searched question on the internet that “How to slow down digital electric Meter with the magnet?”. it is a very interesting question which I have already defined above. As modern Digital Electric Meters are capable to protect themselves from a strong beam of Magnetic Waves.

So, it nearly becomes Impossible to Slow Down Digital Electric Meter with a Magnet. Modern Digital electric meter can record the activity and time at which Magnets were interacted and save data as the Tempering of Digital Meters from Magnet.

How to Bypass Digital Electric Meter?

The bypassing of Digital Electric Meter includes the thieving of electrical Contacts from the source to the destination connection.

The name itself suggests Bypassing of Digital Electric Meter means to Divert the connection points directly.

Here are the pictures which illustrate the concept of how a digital electric meter can be Bypassed.

Hack & Bypass Digital Electric Meters
Hack & Bypass Digital Electric Meters

In this picture, there are four connection points present in the Digital Electric Meter. The Left Most two Electrical point of the meter represents the Supply Input while The right Most two Electrical Point represents Load or the Output.

The Phase part includes two Electrical Point The left one is Phase Wire Point while the second or the right point is of Neutral/Earth.

Similarly, the Right part ie. the Output part of the Digital Electric Meter contains two Output points One is for Phase wire output and the other is for the neutral/Earth.

We have simply bypass the connection from the input side to the output terminals respectiverly as Phase to Phase and Neutral to Neutral Connection.


Hacking and Bypassing of Digital Electric Meters are not the easiest things. Hacking and Damaging Electrical Points of Digital Electric Meters are considered as the Crime and it may jail you.

So hacking and bypassing are illegal activities you must have to save yourself from crime. Thus don’t ever try to tear the safety Temper lock of the Digital Electric Meter.

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