Have You Dropped Iphone In Water? How To Repair Water Damaged IPhone?

How To fix  Dropped Iphone In Water?

Dropped iPhone In Water
Dropped iPhone In Water

It seems you are seeking for the right answer about how to prevent smartphones  from Damage. The reason behind that you may have dropped iphone in water, Dropped iphone in the toilet or your precious iPhone in water. Whatever the reason behind Here I will guide you how you can revive them. Some people does a big mistake so, below is some do and don’t tips and reason behind to handle this moment carefully.  ok, let’s start our main topic.

First And Quick Steps

Dropped iPhone In Water
Dropped iPhone In Water
Immediately strain smartphone from the water.
Switch-off your smartphone immediately.
Remove all covers and cases As soon as possible.
If your Smartphone has the removable battery then remove its battery very quickly.

Why we need to take “First and Quick Steps”

Well, you know your smartphone is not water phobic it can absorb water to fill gaps and cracks behind its body. So, it can damage whole complicated motherboard by water. if your smartphone have very thin body then its more chances to make it re-usable. Because thinner smartphones don’t have more gaps and cracks to absorb water. It depends on you how quickly you uncover your smartphone.
what to do if your phone gets wet?

What to do after removing everything?

Actually, it’s not limited to removing everything your buttons, headphone slot, speakers and charging ports can also absorb water. Just take a cotton wipe (Any Soft Cotton Fabric) and remove every single water droplets from the smartphone. You can also clean back area inside the battery cover. If it’s more damaged by water then immediately contact your nearby Repairing Shop for repairing dropped iphone in water. So that they will unscrew your smartphone and clean sensitive circuits and areas.
Dropped iPhone In Water
Dropped iPhone In Water

Low water damaged smartphone tips.

If your phone is lower damaged then trace every gap and hover cotton fabric to soak extra water. if not then water will reach to the motherboard through small cracks. Unscrew smartphone and check internal parts carefully, make sure if any droplet presents there then remove it.

Other ways To remove water from water damaged smartphone

  •  Let your phone dry for a day or two. Do not attempt to switch on. It may fry motherboard and  IC.
  • You can pack your “iphone in rice ” . because dry rice is good water absorbent. But its slow process to take in action . leave it for 24-48 hours {i don’t recommend this to do }

    Dropped iPhone In Water
    Dropped iPhone In Water
That’s it, comment below how was this article. Does it helped you? If you have any problem then must comment below i will try to personally assist you .Dropped Phone In Water.

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