Learn YouTube Search Engine Optimization [Youtube Seo Tips For Dummies]


Hi friends in this Guide we will discuss “how to do SEO of Youtube videos” I am sure this article gonna be too long and help a lot a new Youtube content creators

I am sharing my best and full Youtube Content SEO tips and guides.  This is the most and hardest topic for all YouTubers. 

They spend a lot of time in creating contents but no any response from viewers everything is mind teasing and non-tolerable situations since YouTubers doing a lot of bad practices to get views. 

Even the starts to promote their videos Maybe you also suffering from youtube’s hard rankings. 

Whenever you think a particular topic there is already hundreds of video ranking its too much reasons to give Up from Youtube.

Basics Of SEO in Youtube

The Reason Behind Youtubers Gives Up From Youtube!

As I stated above that what you are thinking is already Exists on youtube.Overall youtube is polluted from bad kind of stuff and no any chance left for the kind hearted new Youtubers. Then only one option left that is Youtube Search Engine Optimization. This is another way to make your video viral. The main reason and problem of Youtuber, they don’t know How to do SEO of videos. They creating contents but no any views and earning. Seo means how your youtube video ranks in search results. Let’s learn step by Step how to do it.

Which type of youtube channel/video gets Viral easily?

The simple answer is Very creative and very unique videos and channels Like Prank channel, Beauty Tips channel, Extremely cooking and some Diy stuff also then you will get viral position on Youtube Search Engine.

 There will be a lot of chance to rank in youtube’s trending. You have to choose Such type of name of the channel which will be oriented towards your Videos. 

Actually, Creative channels are really hard and a mind sucking you can’t be such creative to get viral, 

You have to work hard to gain that position. But its have returns also Youtube will also help your videos to rank in top position by replacing Bad and spammed videos.

What is SEO of videos in Youtube Search Engine?

We all knows that Youtube and Adsense is a Platform of Google Search engine (Read more about their relationship) You can visit this link to read in detail in google relationships with Youtube and Adsense, anyway, 

the algorithm to display search results in google and youtube is similar. This is the main reason behind to do SEO of every single youtube videos.

The difference between Video with SEO And Video without Seo?

The Simple answer is if you uploads your videos without Seo Then you will get least views less than five hundred or less than Thousand,

 While video with well optimized a Seo will get higher chances to get above  10K Views it’s my own experience.

Which Tools are needed to do SEO of Youtube Video?

First of all, I want to describe that in youtube which type of tools available to do SEO, The tools need your google chrome browser the tools are a Extensions and provide you a real-time keyword analysis.

The tools are free to use and if you want pro features then you have to invest dollars, Tools very handy to manage if you learned it carefully, I think you didn’t need to purchase pro features.  Names of SEO Tools are below.


TubeBuddy is a most amazing chrome extension. This is an editor’s choice the most comfortable and easy to use very light and quick tool. you can do following things from TubeBuddy Features:

Tag Explorer 

Direct publish video to Facebook

A/B testing (Paid feature)

Best Time To Publish Video 

Video Gif Generator

Self Promotion in Descriptions

Competitor’s scoreboard

Keyword Ranking check

Advanced Embed maker

Competitor’s video Tag reveal

Custom Thumbnail Generator

Tags Shortener etc.


VidiQ is another tool alternative of TubeBuddy works fine but it always shows some bad keyword analysis results. While TubeBuddy is great it provides real analysis results.

VidiQ is a chrome extension same as tube buddy with almost same functions and specifications. The VidiQ is also coming in different plans Free and Paid  The main features of VidiQ is listed below:

Tag Explorer

Channel Statistics

Any video’s tag reveal

Advanced Embed Maker

Custom Thumbnail Creator

Real-time Views and Subscribers count.

Video Ranking Calculator in search result etc. 

including all features exists in tube buddy

What are the main key ingredients of youtube SEO optimization?

Any type of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes The most searchable keywords which are related to your niche videos. You can use above tools to explore low Competitive Keywords. 

There are a lot of video tutorials available to get an introduction to TubeBuddy and VidiQ. The ingredients are listed below:

  1. A low competitive and unique video topic.
  2. A good quality & Attractive Title
  3. Awesome Video Descriptions.
  4. HD Thumbnails
  5. A healthy and video related Tags.

These are the key ingredients to qualify for Youtube Search Engine Optimization/ SEO.

Low competitive and Unique Video Topics 

Before producing Youtube video The main question comes in mind that “How to Determine Which topic is low competitive”. The best way is that you have to understand by an example.

 Let’s assume I have a cooking channel and I am publishing videos related to cooking stuff. Here is the main step we have to provide some unique topic and contents, 

Suppose I searched on youtube the word  “Red Chilly” You will find always negativity of chilly that it will burn your mouth or something like this so here we have to create a unique topic which is different from others like, “Red Chilly benefits for Health”, Red chilli species, etc . 

Have you seen how you can create unique video titles from competitive video title?


Think Different from others and Use your sense with some creativity, that’s it.

Good Quality Video Titles

As we have done above use some extra words to spice up your video title that’s called a high-Quality & attractive video title.

example: Red Chilly benefits for Health To Red Chilly benefits for Health Must watch. Awesome Red Chilly benefits for Health must know.

Video Descriptions

Video description is the main unit for SEO, The Reputation of video and channel depends on how much user likes your videos,

 that means your video must be well organized and informative. the video description must carry each useful points on which your video is based.

 This will help your viewer to identify easily what you want to convey from your video. Write a brief Description under 75- 150 words and repeat your video title 5 or more time, it’s necessary.

HD Thumbnails

HD thumbnail is a most wanted component to get more views always create some attractive pictures. So that people will eager to watch your video. 

To create Hd thumbnails you can take a Shot from your youtube video before uploading.

 Write and decorate it by Softwares Like Photoshop or Any Similar. Don’t mess up just write some texts above it.  If you are stuck with your Android smartphone, you can also use any good picture editors to create high quality thumbnails. I recommend you to use PixelLab a Awesome tool to create everything like Banners, Thumbnails, Logos etc. 

Make sure Your Created Thumbnail is in 1280×720 pixel . This is standard size of a Youtube Video Thumbnails.

Do a Search on youtube and learn how you can create a Thumbnails There are a lot of videos available….

Finding Tags for Videos

Tags are nothing, it’s a keyword which is related to your video nitch. Generally, you can break your video title in certain parts to get video tags here is an example, my video topic is ” Learn YouTube Search Engine Optimization” i will show you how to create by an example below 

keywords/tags :


  • SEO of youtube
  • Youtube SEO tips
  • How to do SEO
  • video SEO
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  • youtube SEO optimization

So friends its a simple Guide to Seo of Youtube, please Do comments lets know what problems you are facing. 

Learn more Youtube Seo Tips keep visiting more tricks coming soon.

Please Share this article to your Friends/Relatives/Groups etc. Specifically, who messed up with YouTube . 



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