Advantages of New Youtube Guideline policies Monatise Only after 10k views


Advantages of New Youtube Guideline policies,Monetise after 10k views

Advantages of New Youtube Guideline policies,Monetise after 10k views

What happened to youtube the big community guideline changes applied on April 2017.By this youtube terms and condition changed completely.Now every new youtubers in Depression if you are a youtuber then this is right place to understand what happened , i will try to express in short views.So,that you can understand clearly.

New Youtube Guideline policies,Monetise after 10k views

What about YouTube? how they earns from youtube?

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If you want to know how youtube became a big dollar earning source over Internet then suppose you have a land where you want to earn money by placing big hoardings . Its clear you will now call to advertising companies to place banner there from which you get your income. Same thing happens in Youtube Anyone can create their channel and after Monetising there videos They will get paid by “Adsense” advertising Unit of google .

What made Youtube developers to change youtube community guidelines policies?

As I have said about anyone can create YouTube channel so that there where are too much spammers creating fake videos all over the YouTube you have also noticed that some videos have different from now are you can say fake thumbs is it different from their contents in video so this is the main reason to modify the community guideline but new but new youtubers does not know how to create contents under community guidelines show YouTube team launched new changes against new youtubers now they can they can only monetize there videos when overall views on the channel is about 10 k +


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