Top best battery saver app for android [ 2017 ] Handpicked android apps


Top best battery saver app android in 2017 Handpicked android apps

Hi all in this blog post we will see which Android battery saver app is good enough to optimise power consumption in our Smartphone. The most annoying moment is when your smartphone goes out of power what you will do in that situation. Actually, you will run towards electricity outlet, do you know you can preserve battery life . Yes its working you have to use right apps to do this. Below is some apps which are considered as best app to maximize your
smartphone’s battery life.
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1. Greenify

Top best battery saver app for android [ 2017 ] Handpicked android apps
Greenify is well-known battery saver app for Android smartphones, It is available in play store having 50+ million users and downloads. This app is known for its performance and Capability to kill unwanted running apps in the background. This app is so worthy, it can hibernate (Sleep) all the inactive and abnormal behaving background apps which are trying to capture RAM and Lower performance with battery.
Play Store Ratings: 4.4
Active Users         : 248,502

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2. DU Battery Saver

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Top best battery saver app for android [ 2017 ] Handpicked android apps
Du battery saver is an excellent app with an elegant look and has responsive UI. It comes with good battery and processor optimization functions such as “Task Killer“, “Phone Cooler”, “Managing WiFi“, Brightness control, Sound, and Data etc.Du Battery Saver has multiple tools which can improve battery backup by killing abnormal apps and junks. This app has millions of users from all over the world. This app is available on play store for free.
Play Store Ratings: 4.5
Active Users         :12,846,459

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3. Avast Battery Saver

Avast Battery Saver app is developed to improve its usability to improve battery in smartphones. This app contains a special function called “Master Switch” by which you can Turn on and off battery saving app. This app is too smart it always calculates battery remaining life and pop ups a notification to take the Desired action. It comes with multiple battery optimization profiles. The Avast company is known for its high-quality Antivirus, Hence this app is amazing battery saver app.
Playstore Ratings :4.4
Active Users        :241,547

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4. Battery Saver 2017

Battery Saver 2017 app is Editor’s choice because it proves its top features. This is the latest app of 2017. This app gives you accurate information on high battery consuming apps to identify faulty apps easily. It comes with power saver mode you can use this when your battery is low. it comes with power functionality that you can also monitor power consumption of WiFi, Bluetooth, Display etc. Some main key features of this app are Sleep Mode, Work mode, class mode, Customised Mode and 3-Stage charging with accurate charging Status.
Playstore Ratings: 4.1
Active Users      :8,455

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5. Mobile Booster (Boost & Clean)

This app is associated with Intel Security. This app allows you to kill background apps, cleaning RAM and Storage. This app provides you a real-time analysis of battery draining apps to kill them. this app has the capability to free up internal and external storage by deleting junks and duplicate files. This app also Internet data analysis system which shows consumed and left data.
Play Store Ratings :4.3
Active users          :64,182

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6. Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor is the famous and well-known app on play store. This app comes in 28 different languages it shows that how much it is famous.This app has friendly and easy to handle interface.The key features of this app are ” battery power optimizer widgets”, app power consumptions monitoring, etc. Battery Doctor comes with several battery saving modes, battery left time monitor, brightness control, auto kill background running apps when your screen is turned off.
Play Store Ratings: 4.5
Active Users         : 8,171,992

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7. 360 Battery Plus-Battery Saver

The app works round the clock to optimize the smartphone battery and provides 24-hour battery consumption report. The power saving mode analyzes the running and idle apps and notifies you of the battery eating apps. The best feature of this battery saver app is that it also cuts down the battery charging time to a great extent. It tracks the apps that start automatically when the smartphone is switched ON and eliminates them to prevent battery drainage. Whenever the smartphone reaches the threshold temperature or battery level.
Play Store Ratings: 4.5
Active Users         : 302,856

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